Ceramic inlays

More and more patients wish to substitute their gray fillings in silver amalgam with restorations aesthetically perfect. Apart from the classical fillings in resin composite, there are ceramic restorations which are aesthetically much better and more resistant to abrasions and therefore more lasting in time.

Inlays are made with modern systems of CAD CAM which perfectly reconstruct the missing part of the tooth. Inlays will then be cemented to the tooth with composite cements.

With two appointments the tooth will be perfectly restored.

The main advantages of the ceramic inlays are:

  • 1. Aesthetically superlative
  • 2. Resistance to abrasions
  • 3. Excellent biocompatibility
  • 4. Hardness of a real tooth
  • 5. Conservative technique
  • 6. Avoidance of expensive crowns



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