Ceramic or Zirconio Crowns and bridges

Crown are prosthetic restorations which re- establish a dental crown that has been broken or damaged by caries and has lost its integrity. Generally they are cemented to an adequately prepared tooth or screwed on to an implant.

Many kinds of materials can be used : gold, gold and resin, ceramic gold, zirconio, integral ceramic crowns with different aesthetic value.

The overstated aesthetical tendency of the last few years, has induced the patient to prefer a 100% restoration with ceramics or zirconio instead of gold or gold and ceramics .

Zirconio is one of the most ground breaking materials and it is taking the place of ceramic/gold crowns because of its white color and because it is possible to achieve aesthetically positive complex structures(bridges). Our offices have a precise CAD CAM SIRONA CEREC system for the realization of totally ceramic crowns with extremely strong and aesthetically beautiful last generation materials.

The bridge is used to restore a missing tooth as an alternative to implant techniques.

It is necessary to prepare the tooth 360° to create space for ceramics when crowns and bridges are needed.

A dental impression is then performed on the given tooth. Everything will be sent to our dental technician and the ceramic structure will be formed.

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