Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry is the care of children’s teeth and mouth from an early stage up to when they become teenagers.


“At what age should I bring my child for a check- up?”

The correct age is around 5 years old when all milk teeth have grown in, if there is no other indication from pediatrician or parents.


“What happens on the first appointment?”

Mainly we get to know the small patient. The next step is to examine the patient and determine the number, the positioning, the alignment of teeth, cavities and eventual habits (use of pacifiers or sucking of the thumb). The color and consistency of the gums is also evaluated.


“Will strange exams have to be done…?”

When the child is about 6 or 7 it will be necessary to perform some x-rays. The objective is to check the presence and the correct position of all germs of adult teeth and eventual anomalies of the facial bone structure (ex. Inverted chewing, open bite) . Taking advantage of digital technology at our disposal today, the exposure to rays is extremely reduced.


“Why cure milk teeth?”

Their function of milk teeth is fundamental : in addition to guaranteeing the chewing capacity of the child , they guarantee the conservation of the spaces for future permanent teeth. To prematurely lose a milk tooth can compromise the eruption of permanent teeth and impose the use of braces.


“What is sealing?”

It is a precious instrument for prevention. You apply a “light varnish” inside all holes and niches of teeth to make them easier to wash.


“How often do I take my child to the dentist?”

If there aren’t particular clinical conditions (multiple cavities) the correct timing is every six months so as to intercept any possible damages at an initial stage. In this way they can be treated easily.


“Should I give them fluorine?”

This issue is very debatable especially with pediatricians since families have starting buying mineral water: depending on the brands the content of fluorine is variable. In our studio you will find a list of brands with relative fluorine content. Fluorine is an important weapon at our disposal: it strengthens the enamel of the teeth and it keeps all microbes away. When taken orally, in agreement with the dentist, it is to be taken taking into account the age of the child, at least until 12 years of age. After this age, only toothpastes or mouth washes containing fluorine are necessary.


“Is it possible to prevent?

STUDIO POLISPECIALISTICO 4C intends to introduce a painless and personalized daily routine , a MODERN and ORIGINAL therapeutic and diagnostic program of prevention to prevent the insurgence of cavities or dental erosions.
Through quick and simple tests, carried out in office, we can evaluate:
Quantity, quality and capacity, swab of saliva, count of bacteria which determine the development of cavities
Quantity, quality and acidity of the dental plaque
Thanks to this method, approved by the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION (an association specialized in oral health and which has determined the validity and the accuracy of the tests world-wide) we are able to scientifically determine if a child is predisposed to cavities with a risk factor ranking of low, medium and high.



  • Maintain a correct oral hygiene , brushing your teeth at least two minutes after every meal;
  • Change your toothbrush often, choosing one with artificial bristles of medium hardness;
  • If indicated by the dentist use a fluorine toothpaste;
  • Limit in between snacks;
  • Go to periodical dental check ups.

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