Extraction of wisdom teeth

Why are wisdom teeth extracted?

Our offices emphasizes the importance of a smile with straight teeth. Often our mouth doesn’t have the necessary space for all our teeth and therefore a dental overcrowding occurs.

If wisdom teeth are not removed, some patients with a small eruption space will have:

  • Dental overcrowding (overlapping teeth),
  • Dental retention of partial eruption with possible infections,
  • Swelling, pain, difficulty in opening the mouth ,

Other complications might be:

  • Root erosion of adjacent teeth with the possibility of great pain
  • Formation of cysts
  • Fillings due to retention of food in the partial eruptions even in the 2nd molar
  • Cavities due to difficult cleaning/brushing

The premature extraction of wisdom teeth, when necessary, is preferable because roots of wisdom teeth are shorter and therefore are easier and less traumatic to extract when forming.

Patients with specific characteristics such as small jaw bones and big teeth will surely have to remove the wisdom teeth due to lack of space.

When evaluating the growth of the skull the premature extraction of wisdom can be taken into consideration (GERECTOMY)

This technique offers great advantages:

  • The roots of wisdom teeth are still short and therefore it is easier to remove them
  • There is less risk of damaging the alveolar nerve which passes through these roots
  • The post surgery bone reparation is better

The International Associations of surgeons and dentists suggest e precocious removal of wisdom teeth to prevent future problems.

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