Guided implantology

Dental implants are a valid option for the reactivation of one or more missing teeth. They are made in titanium and they are inserted in the jaw bone (maxillary or mandibular bone). After the bone has healed (bone integration) these will be used as artificial roots to support crowns, bridges or to retain dentures.

Modern studies have improved the shapes and the surfaces of implants to optimize their integration.

All our implants are certified and have undergone research so as to guarantee improvement in time.

There are various techniques for the use of implants:

  • CLASSIC TECHNIQUE WITH SUBMERGED IMPLANTS: The implants are inserted and they are left to heal for 3 -4 months under the gums. A small incision will then follow to open the gums and connect the prosthetic components which will support the prosthetic tooth.


  • POST EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE: The implant must be inserted in the dental alveolus after the extraction of the tooth in the residual bone.


  • IMMEDIATE LOADING : In particular situations of implant insertion with a primary good stability as soon as they are inserted. The implant will be loaded immediately with a crown and it will function right away. This technique is used in situations of top quality aesthetics or in rehabilitations with more than one implant joined together.


  • IMPLANT SURGERY GUIDED BY SURGICAL DIME: Having acquired, for our offices, a new tri-dimensional system (volumetric TAC) and a very advanced elaboration program called ANATOMAGE, we are able to provide an innovative Implant Surgical plan. With this program it is possible to analyze the type and thickness of the bone in three dimension (its volume) and the remaining bone anatomies with millimeter precision.
    We can then simulate the operation and the correct positioning of the implants, taking into account , the direction of insertion, the inclination and the size of the implant, all on the computer.
    A very precise operative diagnosis that enables the operator to reduce, to the maximum, all operational risks.
    We have every kind of information regarding the surgery we have to perform . In addition to a correct planning, we also have the possibility of achieving a precision DIME that will carefully guide the insertion of the implant in the oral cavity. A new way of approaching implants that enables us to achieve even the most difficult cases in total safety.


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