Invisible orthodontics, interceptive

Orthodontics (ortho = straight gnatous = jaws dons = teeth) is a particular branch of orthodontic s which studies the abnormalities of development , positioning of teeth, establishment of jaw bone and linking anatomical structures: nervous system, facial muscles, chewing, skeletal components.

The main objective of the treatment is to prevent, eliminate or diminish these abnormalities maintaining or reinstating a correct functioning without neglecting the aesthetical aspect so important in modern society. It also guarantees a stability in time of the obtained results.

For a correct treatment planning is fundamental. The orthodontist carries out a series exams in order to have a complete case history of the patient.

  • Case history with objective exams, study chalk models, photographs.
  • X – rays (panoramic, lateral x-ray of the skull today replaced by a tomographic x –ray (Cone 3D Beam) orthodontics tracing .

We can distinguish between several orthodontic treatments:

  • Interceptive Orthodontics: an orthodontic branch which deals with bad occlusions, it is also defined as orthopedic orthodontics and/or functional. It is utilized to resolve the malformations of the bone structure of the jaw and jaw bone in young patients. This method has a double purpose, to correct the defects and to simplify eventual treatments that will be performed on permanent teeth.


  • Fixed Orthodontics: It is a branch that deals with the rehabilitation of the alignment of the arches using mechanical forces positioned directly on the teeth. It uses fixed equipment, both in metal and in ceramics, applied directly on the teeth and mechanical auxiliaries , managed by the dentist during check up. These enable the programmed and guided repositioning of the single dental elements recuperating the alignment of the arches.


  • Invisible Orthodontics : This branch deals with the recovery of the dental alignment using transparent templates. The treatment uses a series of almost invisible and removable aligners which are replaced systematically. These aligners slowly but progressively push all teeth until the perfect alignment is reached. The dental planning enables to know beforehand what the teeth will look like at the end of the treatment.

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