Prevention of oral cancer

Oral cancer represents 4% of all malignant tumors of mankind and 1% in women. If diagnosed on time, it is curable 90% of times. It is between 6 and 28 times higher than the risk of tumors in smokers if associated with alcohol.

The risk factors cigarette smoke, abuse of alcohol, trauma in the internal surface of the mouth. Other favorable causes are insufficient oral hygiene, incongruent and traumatic dental prosthesis. Usually affected are patients over 40 years of age.

In order to prevent oral cancer there must be a correct oral hygiene and a healthy life style.

These are the suggestions of the dentist:

  1. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables
  2. Do not smoke
  3. Do not drink alcoholics or drink wine in between meals
  4. Do not associate alcoholics with smoke
  5. Keep a healthy and clean mouth. Old and incongruent prosthesis should be removed
  6. Examine the mouth every day, under and above the tongue, the cheeks, the palate, up to the uvula.
  7. If there are red or white spots (suspicious precancerous lesions, lichens, chronic wounds which tend not to heal, swollen gums) you must consult a specialist for a specific diagnosis. Do not hesitate to contact a doctor because a precocious diagnosis greatly influences the prognosis of these pathologies. A wound that does not heal, a white or red spot that doesn’t heal are possible bad signs.
  8. These wounds are not necessarily painful.

If in doubt talk to your dentist. He will examine your mouth and your tongue. If necessary he will perform a biopsy taking a small sample of tissue and he will then send it to be examined by a pathologist.(histological examination)

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