Tartar removal

It consists in the removal of tartar from teeth using an ultrasound remover and a curette. The dental hygienist , working on the tooth and on the dental sulcus part of the root, will eliminate all residual tartar which can cause inflammation of the gum tissue. As we all know, tartar is full of bacteria which is the main cause of inflammation and bone loss.

Removing tartar is a technique for the prevention of periodontal and gum diseases, therefore it should be carried out with regularity. The frequency of these ablations is programmed on the single patient according to:

  • Arrangement of teeth, how the teeth are arranged influences the formation of tartar
    Crowded teeth, badly set teeth create some zones which are difficult to clean with a toothbrush and all other instruments. For this reason these people have more tartar than others.


  • Personal hygene, The personal habits of people influence the formation of tartar: teeth should be brushed three times a day, after every meal, if this doesn’t occur with regularity the formation of tartar is accelerated.


  • State of health of gums, If the gums are not particularly healthy, more frequent professional hygiene sessions are necessary (even every three months) to avoid that tartar should lead to a periodontal disease.


  • Predisposed individual factors, These are relative to the insurgency of tartar.

The sessions for the removal of tartar is recommended in a range between 6 and 12 months.

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