Our dental practice offers one of the most advanced devices commercially available in radiology, as far as dental maxillofacial imaging is concerned (KAVO 3D EXAM) . Its scanning software collects digital three-dimensional images of anatomical data. Total radiation doses from dental CBCT exams are generally lower than other CT exams.

In the past, dental diagnosis was performed thanks to intraoral radiographic views, extra-oral radiographic views and panoramic x-ray radiographies. The disadvantage of these radiographic views was that they only showed a two-dimensional view and the images of multiple planes were taken to make up a composite image. Some lesions in the maxillary and mandibular bone could not be detected, if the two cortices were intact.

That’s why the two-dimensional view was dissatisfactory. Now, the use of 3D computer assisted tomography is the best method to formulate a correct diagnosis, as it permits to travel inside the patient’s hard and soft tissues, giving much more detailed information, about the craniofacial area, than a conventional CT scan. The advantage is ,therefore, a high quality in dental radiology imaging with a drastic reduction of radiation .

That’s why, with the support of other suitable softwares, CBCT offers a greater accuracy in the analysis of implant positioning (such as the measurements of the height and thickness of the alveolar bone ).

Advantages of a beam CT :

It is useful in oral and maxillofacial surgery at a pre-operative evaluation and planning stage to remove non-erupted teeth close to nervous structures(such as the mandibular nerve and the inferior alveolar nerve ). It also permits a scan of temporomandibular joints.
In orthodontics, it allows sharper and more detailed images if compared to conventional CT scans of the craniofacial region. In addition, as far as children are concerned, an ENT would have the opportunity to scan nasal cavities and maxillary sinuses, minimizing the radiation dose.

How does it work?

Scan time is rapid (few seconds). The patient is seated and the device is open. There are no tunnels to fear and no claustrophobic effects.

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