Computerized evaluation of dental aesthetics

We analyze on a computer a series of images of your smile and then we evaluate all the possible solutions to improve it.

We are then able to transfer the image of your new smile from the computer to the image of your mouth using a few resin masks.
You will then personally verify the result of our simulation and eventually make some small changes..

You can bring the masks home so you can take your time and verify for yourself or consult another source.

All these simulations do not cause changes or problems for your teeth.

To perform the simulation of your new smile you need only two appointments:

First appointment.

  • meeting with the patient and evaluation (together) of all aspects of the smile.
  • Evaluation of color, shape and harmony. Imprints in the studio, x-ray, if necessary
  • pictures of the face, profile and macro dental..

Second appointment:

  • Evaluation of the smile and explanation of the techniques to improve it (DSD computer analysis.)
  • Simulation with special resin veneering. Before making any changes to your teeth

Before making any changes to your teeth you can see what we can achieve with a very realistic simulation.


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